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Audio/Video Production by The Agency At ICS
Marketing Services for the Car Wash Industry, provided by The Agency At ICS
ICS Payment Terminal Videos

Do you want to simply welcome your customers to your car wash? Maybe upsell your club options to your customers? Or perhaps drive your customers to your on-site convenience store? ICS payment terminals can do all of that and more! Video marketing can increase your car wash throughput with instructional videos and revenue with custom advertisements.

ICS Auto Sentry Videos, Audio/Video Production by The Agency At ICS

Improve your customer experience by presenting custom videos that are friendly and informative to assist your customers with the necessary information to make the most appropriate service choices from your ICS payment terminal.

  • Videos can be presented in two different languages allowing customers to select their preferences.

  • Welcome Videos provide a friendly greeting that informs customers about your site's offerings and special promotions.

  • Instructional Videos direct customers on how to use your car wash or navigate around your site.

  • Service Videos promote your upsell options and unique site services specific to your customers' wash selection.

Video Types




Service Specific

Wash Busy

ICS Touch N' Clean

ICS Digital Menu Signs Videos

Let your customers know of all your services while entertaining them too with the ICS Digital Menu Sign Video.

The ICS Digital Menu Sign supports graphics, animations, and motion video, and is fully customizable.

You can fully animate your menu and promote upgrades, gift cards, club programs, green initiatives, other site locations, detailing, holidays, family plans… the list is endless! Got a mascot? We can animate them to interact with your ads on your menu sign too!